• Contact hotline +852 2960 7288

Contact hotline +852 2960 7288

Production Capability

  • NTEP and OIML approved load-cell production for use in professional and industrial weighing devices

  • 1K, 10K and 100K Class Clean Room

  • Wire bonding

  • Plastic injection molding (up to 650 ton clamping pressure)

  • Metallic stamping with hydraulic press up to 250 ton pressure and 260 ton progressive stamping system

  • Surface-mounted Reflow system

  • Die-casting for both zinc and aluminum alloys

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

  • 60 ton lever weighing machine

  • Load cell climate testing machine

  • Dead weight testing machine

  • Printed circuit board module assembly

  • Automatic spray-painting system

  • Robot-controlled powder coating

  • Numeric controlled coil spring production

  • Silkscreen, pad print and heat transfer application

  • Finished goods assembly

  • Carton production

  • Weight calibration machines

  • Robotic-controlled welding

  • Concrete casting facilities

  • Approved weight calibration laboratory

  • MIG & CNC flame cutting machine

  • Digital-Controlled Sawing Machine

  • Electronic single-beam bridge crane

  • Roller convener abrogator

  • Environmental air-condition paint spraying room

  MIG CNC flame
  Cutting Machine

Sawing Machine

  Concrete System

  Electric Single-beam
  Bridge Crane

  Roller Conveyer Abrator

Weight Calibration Machines  

  Environmental Air-Condition
  Paint Spraying Room

Dead Weight
Testing Machine

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